ENT Surgeries

Surgery in Delhi

Dr. Anup Sabharwal is an ear, nose and throat specialist with immense knowledge and training of ENT surgeries as well as related treatments of head and neck. He has special expertise in treating problems of ears, nose and nasal passage sinuses, voice box and upper pharynx. Dr. Anup Sabherwal expertise in all major surgeries related to Ear, nose and throat:

Sinusitis surgery

Sinusitis is inflammation of air cavities within the passage of nose. Sinus surgery helps in removing disease or obstructive sinus tissue which results in improving natural sinus drainage and post-operative care. Early treatment if allergic sinus helps in preventing bacterial sinus infection. Dr. Anup Sabharwal expertise in diagnosing the root cause of sinus infection and provides the best Sinusitis surgery in Delhi.

Hearing Surgery:

Hearing loss is a very common problem with age and is basically of three types:

  • Conductive hearing loss –Problem of ear canal, ear drum and hearing bone.
  • Sensorineural hearing loss- Problems of inner ear.
  • Mixed hearing loss- Combination of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss.
  • Dr. Anup Sabharwal provides best hearing surgery in Delhi to treat all causes of hearing loss.

Voice Surgery:

Voice disorders are surgically treated with procedures like laryngoscope and micro laryngeal surgery. Dr. Anup Sabharwal deals with every type of voice surgery in Delhi which helps in lesion removal and improves your vocal pitch and vocal resonance.


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